Total Life Changes MLM Review

Total Life Changes MLM Review

Welcome to my blog where I am going to walk you through unbiased Total Life Changes MLM Review. In this unbiased Total Life Changes MLM Review, you are not going to get a biased review like all the rest on the internet. I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

Let’s take a look at the company first…


Total Life Changes is a multi-level marketing nutritional supplement company created by Jack Fallon in 1999. Prior to 2012, the privately held company was known as SeAcai. The company’s product line features skin care products, oils, teas, and liquid formulas. According to the company’s website, Total Life Changes desire to provide high natural products and to give customers the opportunity to change their socioeconomic status through a profitable binary compensation plan.

The debt-free company originally began in Chesterfield, Michigan. It recently opened another head office in 2014 in Fontana, California. The company conducts business in over 140 countries around the globe and employs over five thousand people. Its annual global revenue is currently unknown.


The health and wellness company’s flagship product is Iaso Tea which contains nine natural plant and herbal ingredients. These ingredients are persimmon leaves, holy thistle, Malva leaves, marshmallow, blessed thistle, papaya, ginger, chamomile, and myrrh. These ingredients are purported to provide numerous health benefits, including:

  • Detoxifying the lungs, gallbladder, and liver
  • Relieving symptoms of indigestion and gastrointestinal distress
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Soothing inflammation
  • Improving skin health

The package for the tea displays a “Certified Organic Authentic” icon on the front. There is no further information as to what that means exactly other than the ingredients are sourced from organic farms. The weight loss benefits are maximized by following a healthy diet and exercise plan. All of TLC products fall into three categories which is Nutritional, Skin Care and lso Cafe.

  • Nutritional: In this section, you will find products like laso Tea, Chaga, Techui, NRG, Nutraburst, Slim PM, and Resolution. Most of these are capsule form other than the Tea.
  • Skin Care: In this section, you will find many different anti-aging creams for both the face and the body. You will find products like Iaso Ojos, Luna, Sol, Oil, Exfolia, Pominca, Renique, DUO Prep & Peel, Gladiator and 3D Fiber Lashes.
  • lso Café: You will find many different kind of coffee’s and teas and includes products like laso  Cafe Delgada, and Cafe Latin Style.

Total Life Changes MLM Review products



Independent business owners through Total Life Changes receive 50 percent commissions from product sales. The hybrid binary compensation plan pays out 30% commissions which is very high.   Commissions are paid weekly on the hybrid binary compensation plan. Independent business owners are also eligible to receive Fast Start Bonuses, monthly Lifestyle Bonuses, and downline commissions ranging from 10-35 percent. There is a $20,000 binary cap. The company also offers a car bonus, check match bonus, and a variety of other financial incentives.

New distributors receive their own website and are provided up to $1,500 in Lifestyle Bonus assistance as the business grows. Distributors must achieve the rank of National Marketing Director and meet other requirements in order to achieve this assistance. Distributors who sponsor 3 people in the first month receive $60 commissions off the required autoship enrollment purchases. No sponsoring or recruiting other team members as a Total Life Changes independent distributor is required in order to receive commissions as long as the personal autoship requirement is kept up-to-date.

The requirement for earning binary commissions is that you must have personally sponsored two IBOs that are currently active with 40 PCV, one placed in your left leg and one in your right leg. Your binary pay is calculated from your weaker leg.

Example: As a Director with 1,000 GCV on the weak leg and 2,500 GCV on the strong leg, a $120 commission will be paid that week. The strong leg volume will be “flushed” of 1,000 volume (equal to the weak leg payout), leaving 1,500 GCV to be carried over or “banked” for the strong leg’s GCV the following week. If you are not active with a 40 PCV order and binary qualified, you will lose your commissions from your downline.

As your group commissionable volume (GCV) on your lesser team (weak leg) grows you will move up the ranks listed below and your pay percentage rate will increase as well. The Personal Commissionable Volume (PCV) requirement also increases as you move up the ranks.

Recruitment is required to rise through the ranks of this compensation plan.  You have to purchase more personally as you rise through the ranks of this compensation plan. A TLC rep who has not placed a 40 PCV order in the last 180 days can be removed from the TLC genealogy and will forfeit their position and all personally sponsored reps in the company genealogy.

Total Life Changes compensation plan



If you decide to join this company, you must purchase their “Distributor Kit” which will cost you $35-$40 and be on a $40 Monthly Autoship.


  1. Has the company been around for at least 5 years? Yes. It was launched in 1999 and the company claims it operate in about 140 countries including Nigeria.
  2. Is the company well capitalized? Probably. Total Life Changes operates in about 140 countries and Its annual global revenue is currently unknown.
  3. Does the company offer products or services that are unique? Yes. The health and wellness company’s flagship product is Iaso Tea which contains nine natural plant and herbal ingredients. All of TLC products fall into three categories which is Nutritional, Skin Care and lso Cafe.
  4. Is there a genuine need for the product? Yes. The global wellness industry is a $3.4 trillion market.
  5. Is the product or service trendy or a fad? Yes. Because the health industry is always evolving, products based on the industries always trend.
  6. Can you generate immediate income? Probably. This company has been in business since 1999 and they are unable to share how much their IBOs are making. Also, they provide no information on how much people are making retailing the products. However, if you are a good sales person, you can make money selling the product packages.
  7. Does the marketing system take full advantage of technology? Probably. Distributors are provided TLC Business Tools and website but I don’t know how much of help will that help to take full advantage of technology.
  8. Will you have FUN? Probably. There is no much information on this.


There are some people that call Total Life Changes network marketing company a scam because they failed… I am here to tell you it’s their own fault.  This company is far from a scam and it’s been in business for a while!

The problem is people jump into network marketing with the wrong mindset… They believe they will get something for nothing.

The truth is you have to become a great people person and become a recruiting machine…

That my friend is the truth… So you have Two options…

Learn how to become a recruiting master or…

…do a home business that doesn’t require recruiting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Total Life Changes MLM review and if you are in this company, please share your experiences. How is the sponsoring part going for you?  How is the product working for you?  My readers would love to know.

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