Ten Lessons I Learnt Pitching To Top Network Marketers In Ibadan

top network marketers in Ibadan

It was a fruitful trip I made at the weekend to pitch my business opportunity to top network marketers in Ibadan.

Interestingly, it was meant to be just for potential leaders. The session proved to be very successful beyond my expectations.

However, for every business trip I made to pitch my network marketing business opportunity, I like to document and share important lessons I learnt.

I present to you ten things I learnt pitching to top network marketers in Ibadan.

#1 The World Is A Small Place, Don’t Mess It Up

When I was planning my program for Ibadan, I and my contact agree that only few leaders in the industry will be invited. When I got to the venue I saw a bigger house than I expected.

Suddenly someone approach me and said do you remember me? Unfortunately I couldn’t recognize him. I struggle to recollect where I first met him but couldn’t. It was after the program he reminded me where we met before. He happens to be my brother’s closest pal in their university days. I remember visiting them and spending days together. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recognize him because he now looks so different. Because of our past relationship, he now feels more at home with me.

Besides, I went to the event with my upline. It happens that he and my contact has worked together before. The gathering becomes more like a re-union. It was fun and exciting.

Indeed the world is a small world.

The moral lesson is in life, don’t make more enemy for yourself than friends. You never know when you will need them again.

#2 Everyone Desire Residue and Passive Income

When my contact in Ibadan invited me to come and pitch to leaders who are the top network marketers in Ibadan, I thought we will be speaking with old folks.

Alert! I am in for a surprise!

Most of the people that attended our program are industry leaders. Among them are medical doctor, school proprietor, banker, pastors, MLM top earners in the city, teachers, business people, corporate workers and so on.

At the point, it dawn on me that everyone desire residue and passive income. Interestingly, the network marketing industry allows anyone to succeed.

If others can succeed, you too can.

#3 It Pays To Be A Good Leader

One of the vital lesson I learnt pitching to top network marketers in Ibadan is that it pays to be a good leader.

My contact was a leader in his former company. Because he was good to his downline, they were willing to follow his lead. This is what I usually inculcate in my people.

A good leader empowers others and adds value to their life. If you decide to move on, many will willingly follow you without you talking them into it.

So, be the leaders others will willingly follow. Be ready to make sacrifice.

#4 Timing Is The Key To Success In MLM

One of the factors that will determine your success in MLM is timing. Before you join a company, you need to decide if the timing is right.

If a company has been around for a long time in your area, you may need to struggle to make it to the top.

If a company is so new that they don’t have structure in your country, you will find it difficult to convince people to invest in your business.

Most of the people I met in Ibadan are veteran network marketers. All of them recognize that this is the right time to join the company I have come to pitch. In fact they were rushing to join first to become one of the pioneer leaders in Ibadan as the company expands in Nigeria and Africa.

Many people fail in network marketing because they got the timing wrong. Don’t make the same mistake.

#5 You Can Succeed Where Others Fail

When I first got to Ibadan, the impression I got was that Ibadan is a slow city for network marketing. That was a discouraging thought.

However, after meeting the people, I realized that the person who gave that impression was wrong. I could feel the energy and enthusiasm of the people.

The only thing lacking is knowledge to do the business the 21st century way.

So, when I brief them how easy it is to leverage the internet and build your business part-time, they became excited. So, with the right opportunity and mentor, you can succeed where others fail.

#6 You Should Aim for The Big Fish

I grew up in a coastal area where fishing is the major occupation. The big boys in the fishing business are those that engage in deep sea fishing.

The reason is simple. When they catch a big fish, they can make more money than someone who caught baskets of fishes all day. Now, imagine catching more than one big fish.

When I joined network marketing, I decided I will only focus my energy on the ‘big fish’. You may be wondering who make up the ‘big fish’. That subject is beyond the scope of this article.

My contact in Ibadan is Indeed a ‘big fish’. Within some few days, he has assembled top network marketers in Ibadan. Thanks to him, now I have a very solid structure in the city.

I promise them I will use my experience as an expert digital marketer to help them grow fast and build a solid global business.

#7 Don’t underestimate Others

Many are familiar with the popular statement; “don’t judge a book by the cover”. Before I joined network marketing, I have learnt not to pre-judge people by outward look. I brought that mentality into my network marketing business.

While I am searching for leaders to work with, I am not carried away by size, social status or financial capacity. When I first met my contact, he does not look like he has it in him. He is not financially buoyant.

But I have learnt to recognize people with potential. In fact my contact is an asset. What he lack in money, he make up as a connector. Of course now that he has joined the company, his financial situation is bound to change for life.

In fact, the caliber of people he invited to our first meeting in Ibadan is highly successful and connected.

I have resolved to sharpen my insight more to recognize people with potential.

#8 There Is More In You Than You Think

Most people don’t realize their potential until they face a problem in life. I had faced this challenge before. I always feel I don’t have what it takes to lead and make things happen.

But most of the time when circumstances forced certain situation on me, I always come on top.

Initially my contact in Ibadan never taught he could pull the crowd that shows up. But glory be to God, days after our first meeting words have gone out. He has already been gathering scores of veteran network marketers in Ibadan.

Most of us usually underestimate our ability. You need to move out of your comfort zone to discover your potential.

#9 Don’t Despise Little Beginning

The first most important lesson I learnt from my mentor was not to despise days of little beginning. Our first meeting in Ibadan was meant to be a small gathering.

We arranged to meet in a school. Interestingly, the proprietress of the school was around to listen to our pitch. Even with that little beginning, the group is already getting big to about 100 people.

It beats my imagination despite that there is no publicity for the event.

One last word, start small but think global.

#10 You Can’t Succeed In Isolation

I use to think I can do it alone. I think I will be the one to organize the event, invite people, deliver seminar, answer questions but alas I was wrong.

My experience in Ibadan has helped me to see the power of leveraging. Everybody contributed in no small measure to the success of the event.

How could I have achieved that alone. Remember, in network marketing, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Every journey starts with a step. If you are persistent you will succeed. My trip to Ibadan has been an eye opener.

Interestingly, the people have requested that we come again this week. The group is getting bigger and so is the opportunity for all that is involved to build a passive income business.

I am happy to be part of the project. I look forward to meeting the wonderful people again. If you live in Ibadan and would like to join our group to learn about the wonderful opportunity and be one of the pioneer leader, WhatsApp or call me on +2348073102012.

Now that I know what to expect, I will give it all I know for everyone involved to succeed so that we all have a story to tell.

Over to you. what do you learn when you go to pitch to others about your network marketing company in other places?

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