Royale Hybrid Marketing Binary Plan Explained

Multi-Level Marketing Hybrid Marketing Binary plan is one of the most popular on the industry and widely accepted on the world.

Multilevel marketing plans are ways to sell goods or services through distributors. Typically, these plans promise that if a person sign up as a distributor, he will get commissions not only from the sales he make, but also from the sales of the people he recruit to become distributors. Multilevel or network marketing is one of the only businesses available that allows a person with potentially no resources to start their own business with absolutely no limit on their financial success. Mostly this technique is used by the Marketing and manufacturing industries to popularize their products among the customers. It is an effective and powerful tool for improving the sales and leads of an organization.

It is common knowledge that MLM works on the concept of time leverage. A work to be done by a person in 100 days can be completed in one day if he have 100 people under him (in a chain) doing one day’s work. He earns a % of incentive for the work done by each of these 100 people. Though it is given various names like Network marketing, freelance marketing, chain marketing, the basic principle is that a happy consumer brings in more customers for which he is getting an incentive. The net work plan or income schemes vary from company to company. In this article, I will be reviewing the Hybrid Marketing Binary Plan used by Royale Business Club International. Royale is the network marketing company I am working with.

How Royale Binary Plan Works

MLM Binary plan is one of the most popular on the industry and widely accepted on the world. In Binary compensation plan every member is allowed to sponsor only two front-line members. If a member sponsors more than two members, the excess are placed at levels below the sponsoring members front-line (downline).

Every person under you would generate revenue for you. It is immaterial if the person under your position in the chain was brought by you into the network or someone above you brought him into the network. In the long run, binary model would result in a larger and continuous stream of revenue as someone below you would still continue sales even when you stopped working and you’d keep earning through leverage.

Royale Hybrid Matching Bonus

Royale has three starting packages namely Starter, Business and Elite. The matching bonus for starter package is ₦5,800. The matching bonus for business package is ₦17,400. The matching bonus for Elite package is ₦40,600. In the illustration below, I assume the new members picked the starter pack. Apart from packages, Royale also match products and package and/or products and products. In order word, there can be three types of hybrid matching bonuses i.e. package + package, package + product and product + product. There is certain amount of products that count toward your matching bonus.

Royale Hybrid Marketing Binary Plan

Since Royale launched the Hybrid Marketing 2.0, they have removed the limit they placed on maximum daily matching bonus. In order word, you can earn unlimited income in a day. This is amazing. Isn’t it?

MLM is Organic

Organically, the MLM industry is a fantastic model. Organic means it is the purest way to move a product to a consumer and the purest way to be compensated. It is organic because:
1. In its organic state one person shares a valuable product or service with another (not because they will profit, but because the product is valuable). “I like it, maybe you will too.” That is clean and pure.
2. A person shares a business idea with another – this is the foundation of all businesses throughout history. “I found a business I like and maybe you’d like to work on it with me.” That too is clean and pure.
3. The person who shares the business with another ONLY profits IF the person they shared the business with succeeds – that is ultra-responsible, which is also clean and pure.

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