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Royale LogoWelcome to my blog where I am going to walk you through Royale MLM Review.  In this Royale Business Club Review, you are not going to get a biased review like all the rest on the internet. I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision….

Let’s take a look at the company first…


Royale Business Club International Incorporated is a world-class institution, passionate and committed in uplifting the lives of people in providing them a profitable business opportunity and training them to be successful entrepreneurs. It was established in 2006 by Mr. Ricardo S. Castaneda (Founder & CEO Chairman of the Board). It is registered with the Security Exchange Commission and license to market and distribute drugs, foods and cosmetics. Royale is among the first to setup a main headquarters at the heart of Quezon City, Philippines, followed by several local branches and a host of local satellite centers and international offices in Taiwan, Abu Dhabi (in the UAE), Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Kuwait, London UK, Italy and a host of others.

In Nigeria, Royale has branches in Lagos and Abuja with Satellite centers in Port-Harcourt, Abia, Festac Lagos and a host of other places.


Royale wide arrays of top products ranging from food supplements, beverages, skin care, cosmetics and personal care have been extensively researched, formulated and engineered with unique technology (stem cell technology) specifically for Royale. Royale has about 12 Wellness products for weight loss, diabetes management, anti-oxidant and many more. They also have 5 line of beverages, over 20 cosmetics products including soap, cream, gel and more as well as make-up products.

Royale all products


Royale Hybrid Marketing Plan gives you the chance to propel your business in unprecedented height that you can earn your income and rewards in eleven different ways moving you on the part of financial success.

Royale Hybrid Marketing Binary Plan

  1. Retail Profit – Retail Profit allows you to earn as much as 30% by selling products at Selling Retail Price (SRP).
  2. Indirect Seller Program – In this program, whenever your Direct Seller (sub-distributor) buy your products you get 15% discount on all the products they buy.
  3. Product Package Rebates – You get to earn rebates on every package you sell. You earn ₦2300, ₦6900 or ₦16100 on Starter, Business and Elite package respectively.
  4. Package Upgrade – When any of your team member upgrade their package, you earn ₦2,300 on starter package, ₦6,900 on business package and ₦16,100 on elite package upgrades.
  5. Match Sales Bonus – You need to create two teams, your left team and the right team. For Starters, Business and Elite Package members, every time your sales equal 100PV both on your left and right team, Royale gives you a Match Sales Bonus of ₦5,800 for Starter package, ₦17,400 for Business package and ₦40,600 for Elite package.
  6. 5th Match Bonus – 5th match sales will be converted to Distributor Reward Point (DRP) which you can use to exchange products, gadgets, business building tools and cars.
  7. Unilevel Program – As Independent Distributors, you earn 10% Personal Rebate by accumulating minimum of 800 UPV through the purchase of your own product.
  8. Multilevel Program – Independent Distributors accumulate MPV through Personal Rebate and overriding commission by your entire team.
  9. Incentive Program – The incentive program is an all-expense paid 12-14 days travel incentive to different destination around the globe.
  10. Indirect Bonuses – You earn a % from your sponsor distributors everytime he get to sell a product package. For Business & Elite Members.


You can choose a Starter Package of ₦50,000

You can choose a Business Package of ₦150,000

You can choose a elite package of ₦350,000


Royale launched what they called the Supreme Hybrid 2.0 Compensation Plan in March 2017.  With the hybrid 2.0:

  • No flush out
  • Unlimited daily earnings and earn to infinity
  • Move your point from one side (Power leg) to the other (lesser leg)


  1. Has the company been around for at least 5 years? Yes. With over 11 years of experience, and currently operating in many countries.
  2. Is the company well capitalized? Yes. Royale pays millions of dollars worth of check every month to their distributors and staff.
  3. Does the company offer products or services that are unique? Yes. Royale wide arrays of top products ranging from food supplements, beverages, skin care, cosmetics and personal care have been extensively researched, formulated and engineered with unique technology (stem cell technology) specifically for Royale.
  4. Is there a genuine need for the product or service? Yes. The global wellness industry is a $3.4 trillion market, couple with their beauty market.
  5. Is the product or service trendy or a fad? Yes. Because the health industry is always evolving, products based on the industry always trend.
  6. Can you generate immediate income? Yes. Millions of Naira worth of products are sold everyday. Many distributors are making thousands of Naira everyday.
  7. Does the marketing system take full advantage of technology? Yes. Royale has developed distributors website that allow you to do business across border.
  8. Will you have FUN? Yes. Royale offers a positive environment where you have fun. There are many travel packages and opportunities as well as local events to keep you busy and enthusiastic.


There are some people that call this company a scam because they failed… I am here to tell you it’s their own fault.  This company is far from a scam and it’s been in business since 2006!

The problem is people jump into network marketing with the wrong mindset… They believe they will get something for nothing.

The truth is you have to become a great people person and become a recruiting machine…

That my friend is the truth… So you have Two options…

Learn how to become a recruiting master or…

…do a home business that doesn’t require recruiting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Royale MLM review and if you are in this company, please share your experiences. How is the sponsoring part going for you?  How is the product working for you?  My readers would love to know.

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  • Michael

    Very helpful review. I will make the biggest decision of my life tomorrow and that is to join this great company. it really enlightened my mind. Thank you


    how many branches has royale in Nigeria

    • Royale has a branch in Abuja and Lagos and a host of Satellite centers. Mail me for details.