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Gracioza Weight Loss PreMade Website


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Finally, here’s a one of a kind weight loss Ready Made blog package for network marketers that leverages the power of content marketing and eCommerce. That means an added source of income.

This weight loss premade blog is part of RankTribe Turnkey Business Solution offer.

The weight loss niche has been our number one seller and that only means that people are making money from this very lucrative market.

This blog package is best for selling your own digital products, wellness products and directly receive payments on your bank account instead of waiting for the affiliate network to release it to you. This is a great alternative for those who can’t get approved by Adsense.

Website Features

RankTribe Turnkey Business Solution takes turnkey websites to the next level by providing a fully featured automated affiliate websites platform with many unique features!

  • Multiple color design for each websites – Choose the one you like the most.
  • Admin Panel – Modify and add content to your website with a simple admin panel.
  • All sites with articles! Add and edit articles easily from the admin panel.
  • Fully Automated – New products, news, and videos will be added automatically!
  • Design changes – You can change ANY aspect of your website design!
  • Google Analytics integration – Easily integrate with the best monitoring and statistics application.
  • SEO Friendly URLs – Completely custom URLs. URLs are very descriptive. This is GREAT for high google ranking.
  • RSS Feeds – Automatic RSS feeds with news.

It doesn’t matter what time it is or where you are in the world – You will get your website delivered in less than 1 week from your purchase!

Integrated Product Store

RankTribe Turnkey Business Solution website features a unique, multi locale Amazon Associates storefront with many unique features you won’t find in any other Amazon Associates storefront!

  • Multi Locale (Have local shops with local currency for US,UK,CA,DE,JP customers).
  • Preinstalled niche categories with thousands of products for your niche.
  • Add additional products such as your MLM products, Books in seconds using the control panel.
  • The store is completely automated New products for your site will be added automatically.
  • Orders are completely automated – Amazon will handle the order and shipping process and will pay you up to 15% from each sale!
  • Full control over your branding. No ‘Powered by’ logo on your website.
  • AdSense ads inside the product listings. These ads has great CTR (clicks per impressions).
  • SEO Friendly URLs. Products URLs contain the product’s name inside, this is GREAT for high google ranking.

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