Network Marketing Coaching

Network Marketing Coaching

Hey are you looking for a Coach, or someone who could steer on the right track. Or yes even help you take your network marketing business to the next level?

Like are great athletes, and great teams a Coach helped them get to that level. Smart people like you know that way to get ahead is with a coach.

Option #1: Network Marketing Mentoring

The hard cold truth is that most network marketers are struggling. Struggling to gain leads, and sales, whether is it online (internet) or offline (face to face).

If this is you … I understand. I was in your shoes … In fact I had to beg my brother to sign up with me. LOL you can laugh because it is funny.

In 2016, I discovered a system the exact one in this option that was like no other, the light at the end of the tunnel.

You and I can agree that education will help you develop skills, then when you get the skills, you’ll know how to use the tools. Have you heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” Having the support around you will help you go along way.

Without this platform I would not be where I am today. That was definitely a missing link that I didn’t have. Why? Because you need education, you need the tools, and ultimately you need a community of people who will help you along the way. That last “component” kept me going when things got tough.

This system will teach you about why branding you is important, how to generate leads, and real-time marketing strategies.

TIP: Most networking companies, only teach networking … well to be really honest and blunt. Marketing is the other factor of the equation.

Marketing will help you long-term and get you sign ups while you sleep, this has happened many time to me and thousands of other using the platform.

In order to build a house you must have the training and the skills. The same goes for your home business.

Here’s What You Get:

  • How to use Attraction Marketing principles to grow your home business, so that you become the hunted instead of the hunter.
  • How to effectively brand and market yourself online so that people come to YOU interested in what you have to offer.
  • Marketing strategies that help you generated targeted leads for your particular niche.
  • Daily action steps that you need to follow, which give you more clarity.
  • Access to Private Facebook groups, where you can ask any questions and get unstuck in your business. You also get access to top leaders, so you are surrounded with the RIGHT people.
  • A premium blogging platform, so you can have your blog up and running within a few days.
  • And much more (including some of my personal bonuses that I give away).

Paying for each one of these would run you into the hundreds maybe even into the thousands, every single month.

Your Total Investment is Only $250 (₦49,999) for the mentoring program.

For payment schedule, Email and in the subject line add Mentoring.

Option #2: Network Marketing Private Coaching

I found that having someone there for you to help kick you in the butt, was something that I needed to keep things going.

When you decide to go for it, you need a training partner, this keep you on track and will push you when you need that push.

What happened was I decided to grab hold of a coach, who was where I wanted to be, so I decide to hire a coach that was right for me.

Knowing what a coach did for me I wanted to give back to you, and came up with a 4 week coaching program.

The goad of the program is to get you on the right path, to be pushed get your brand going and a marketing strategy in place.

Here is the program, a back stage pass just for you:

4 Week Coaching & Accountability Program

  • One 30-minute coaching call once a week (in total 4 calls).
  • Full access to me through Skype and WhatsApp, this way you’ll have the support you need for success.
  • A custom roadmap to hitting your goal and a full marketing plan that you can follow.
  • Starting your own branded blog & why it’s important to have one.
  • How to find content ideas for your blog & for social media platforms.
  • Create a daily method of operation for massive consistency & results in your business.

Your Total Investment is Only $99 (₦14,999) for the full 4 week coaching program.

This is open to ONLY 4 people each month because of my time commitment to YOU, so it will be first come, first serve.

For booking and payment schedule, Email and in the subject line add Private Coaching.

Option #3: Network Marketing 1 Hour Coaching Call

Limited on time just like me, but would love to get 1-on-1 assistance?

Here is another option created just for you!

I remember the day I interviewed my coach, yes that’s right. We jumped on a call and just talked about how to improve my business. The value that came out of that call help me reach the leader boards.

One tweak here and one tweak there, can make that shift that only your coach can see

You’re ready for your big breakthrough, that you deserve? You have to play big in order to be BIG?

With the time commitment that I have with my family and coaching clients, I can only take 5 spots per month.
Your Investment for a 1 Hour Consultation is $29 (₦4,999).

For booking and payment schedule, Email and in the subject line add Coaching Call.

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