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Welcome. My name is Jetro Olowole. I am a Life Coach & Business Developer. I Want To Show People How To Earn Active/Passive Income From Home & Build Profitable Business Using Psychological Principles Plus Attraction Marketing Best Practices. I Am Going To Talk About The Business Quadrant Income Opportunities Every Chance I Got Because I Love It!

I am very excited about my business opportunity.  I am even more excited about the training and marketing system I have in place to help my team.

I am not a normal network marketer.  Instead, I am an entrepreneur first, a digital marketer second and a network marketer third.  I run my business like a Fortune 50 company and I teach my team members to do the same thing.

This is for the hopeful, the dreamer, the believer, the goal-getter, the leader, the positive, the brave, the compassionate, the humble. This is for every person who has the quality to be successful but lack the opportunity. This is for every person who strive to improve his life so he can be of help to others.

This is for you!

I believe the key to success in any business is THE SYSTEM, especially in network marketing. Here’s a little bit about what I have to offer you.

The Company

Royale Business Club International Incorporated is a world-class institution, passionate and committed in uplifting the lives of people in providing them a profitable business opportunity and training them to be successful entrepreneurs. It was established in 2006 by Mr. Ricardo S. Castaneda (Founder &CEO Chairman of the Board), a competent, trusted, successful business magnate who has wealth of unparalleled experience in marketing and finance. His wisdom, value and integrity shield the realm Royale upgrade. It is integrated in our tagline, “Helping people is our way of life.”

  • LEADERSHIP that matches my CORE VALUES
  • Award Winning Products that helps people to LIVE MORE
  • Products I would buy even if there was No Compensation Plan
  • Products that can Easily be Promoted Online and Offline
  • A System that Duplicates using a combination of Online and Offline Marketing Strategies
  • A Stable Company that has grown year after year and is the ONLY company of it’s kind in the TOP 100.
  • Been around since 2006
  • Great reputation online
  • Great company leadership that is distributor oriented and friendly
  • A quiet giant in the industry that most people have never heard of before
  • Positioned for international growth
  • Ships products to more 20 countries

The Compensation Plan

Royale Hybrid Marketing Plan gives you the chance to propel your business in unprecedented height that you can earn your income and rewards in eleven different ways moving you on the part of financial success.

  1. Direct Selling Program – Direct Selling Program also known as Retail Profit allows you to earn as much as 30% by selling products at Selling Retail Price (SRP).
  2. Indirect Seller Program – In this program, whenever your Direct Seller (sub-distributor) buy your products you get 15% discount on all the products they buy. Your 30% discount as Independent Distributor minus their 15% discount as Direct Seller equal your income in Indirect Seller Program.
  3. Product Package Rebates – You get to earn rebates on every package you sell.
  4. Package Upgrade – When any of your team member upgrade their package, Royale gives you the opportunity to earn.
  5. Match Sales Bonus – Income generated on sales is based on Point Value. Royale Independent Distributors earn three types of points value namely Point Value (PV), Unilevel Point Value (UPV) and Multilevel Points Value (MPV). In order for you to generate enough, you need to create two teams, your left team and the right team. For Starters, Business and Elite Package members, every time your sales equal 100PV both on your left and right team, Royale gives you a Match Sales Bonus. The more PV you produce on your left and right leg, the bigger your income. This earnings encourages team work. The more you help your sales team, the more you earn.
  6. 5th Match Bonus – 5th match sales will be converted to Distributor Reward Point (DRP) which you can use to exchange products, gadgets, business building tools and cars. For Starter Package Holder, for every 5th Match sales, you get to earn 200 DRP. For Business Package Holder, for every 5th Match sales of your 1st level downline, you get to earn 30 DRP, 2nd level downline, you get to earn 20 DRP and 3rd level downline, you get to earn 10 DRP. For Elite Package Holder, for every 5th Match sales of your 1st level downline, you get to earn 30 DRP, 2nd level downline, you get to earn 20 DRP, 3rd, 4th, 5th level downline, you get to earn 10 DRP, 4th level downline, you get to earn 10 DRP and 5th level downline, you get to earn 10 DRP. It is one unique way of earning you can only find in Royale.
  7. Unilevel Program – As Independent Distributors, you earn 10% Personal Rebate by accumulating minimum of 800 UPV through the purchase of your own product. You can also earn commission form the UPV accumulation of up to 10th level in your team.
  8. Multilevel Program – Independent Distributors accumulate MPV through Personal Rebate and overriding commission by your entire team. Depending on the amount of accumulated MPV by your team. As Independent Distributor, you get to have a ranking title like Junior (5% Rebate), Senior (10% Rebate), Manager (15% Rebate), Executive Leader (20% Rebate), Paragon Leader (25% Rebate), Silver Director (30% Rebate), Gold Leader (35% Rebate), Royale Diamond (50% Rebate). MPV accumulation has no time limit, no expiration, no pressure. Gather points at your own pace at your own time. Every time you level up, you gain higher rebates. Another rate of pair is user overriding commissions. If you are a Royale Diamond for example and you have a Junior, your 50% Rebate minus his 5% Rebate is your over-ridding commission. That is 45% Commission on his personal purchase and his entire team. Exactly when you have a Royale Diamond team member where you have 5% overriding commission instead of team role. Thus the bigger the group, the bigger the point, the bigger the commission.
  9. Incentive Program – The incentive program is an all-expense paid 12-14 days travel incentive to different destination around the globe. Royale give this incentive to hardworking & well performing distributors so that they can address relaxation. A very rewarding, fun and exciting experience awaiting those who meet the qualifications. Royale is your ticket to the world.
  10. Indirect Bonuses – Another way to earn in royal is through the indirect bonuses. This added feature is exclusive to business and elite package holders. You earn a % from your sponsor distributors everytime he get to sell a product package. For Business Package, from your first level up to the 3rd level, you will receive 5% commission from the income generated by your downlines from selling a product package. For Elite package, from your 1st level to your 5th level, you will receive 5% commission from the income generated by your downlines from selling a product package.
  11. Powerline Bonus – In this program, for Business Package holder, you will receive income from the total match sales bonus for the month of your team. You will have 2% shares from your first level, 1.5% shares from your 2nd level, 1% shares from your 3rd level downlines. For Elite Package holder, you will receive income from the total match sales bonus for the month of your team. You will have 3% shares from your first level, 2.5% shares from your 2nd level, 2% shares from your 3rd level, 1.5% shares from your 4th level and 1% shares from your 5th level downlines. For Business and Elite Package holder, to qualify for Powerline Bonus, Indirect Package Rebates and additional DRP you need to accumulate at least 1PV for the month.

The System

This is what you get from the company:

  • Free Personalized newsletter follow-up series with your website links
  • Free replicated ecommerce website
  • Real time back office
  • Experienced and dedicated corporate training and support
  • Free sizzle call line
  • Corporate sponsored monthly training calls a couple times per month
  • Access to the Independent Distributor Tracking Center (IDTC) – an online 24/7 business tool that you can access anytime, anywhere. It allows you to register, inquire, view and monitor transactions in your business and command encashment of your earnings and sales income.

Our team has:

  • A digital marketing system (100% optional)
  • A powerful website to sell your product anywhere online
  • A weekly Recruit-a-Thon every Tuesday, where I do FIVE live business opportunity calls
  • Tuesday night getting started training and Saturday night leader’s call
  • We do monthly contests where you can earn free products and free tickets or other prizes
  • We have a private Facebook group for our team

The Products

Royale wide arrays of top products ranging from food supplements, beverages, skin care, cosmetics and personal care have been extensively researched, formulated and engineered with unique technology (stem cell technology) specifically for Royale.

Product specifically develop to ensure safety, purity, phenomenal efficacy and world class quality making Royale as one of the top company to take good health globally.

  • Market tested products
  • Certified organic and natural products
  • The products are priced competitively to what you would find online
  • Strong money back guarantee
  • The company normally adds new products each year

The Fine Print

  • Flexible enrollment fee
  • No yearly renewal fee
  • No website fees
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • No monthly buying commitment
  • No auto-ship requirement if you have a customer

The Next Step

The next step is to watch the video presentation below. If you have questions, send me an email to or give me a call at +2348073102012 or click the following link to chat with me on WhatsApp. You can also leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Royale Business Presentation

If you are ready to get started, pick the kit that you like the best and order it.  I will be in touch with you within 1 business day after you join.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for visiting my join my team page.  I appreciate you visiting my website and I look forward to serving you and working with you in any capacity.  Have a great day!

Jetro Olowole
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Jetro Olowole

Life Coach & Business Development Manager at Jetro Olowole
I Want To Show People How To Build Passive Income Business And Live A Comfortable Lifestyle By Helping Them Turn Their Active Income To Passive Income Using The Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory. I Likes To Talk About The Business Quadrants Golden Rule Of Wealth Every Chance I Got Because I Loves It! Like my official Facebook Page and Follow me on Twitter for updates.
Jetro Olowole
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