Introduction To Business Quadrants Combination Rules


Discover how to apply the business quadrants combination rules for multiple streams of income and create wealth for yourself and your unborn generation.

Economic recession, poor standard of living, poverty, increase financial obligation and high cost of living has forced many people around the world to manage two businesses at the same time. It is common place today to see a person managing two businesses at home as well as outside of home.

Of great concern though is the failure rate for small businesses. Due to poor planning, many of these individuals loose both businesses. On the other hand, you see some people have multiple big businesses and find it easy to start new ones.

In chapter five of the book Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory, I explain how your knowledge of the business quadrants combination rule can help you. I examine what business you can combine and factors to consider.

Holding multiple streams of business income doesn’t have to wear you down but rather empower you. The business quadrants combination rule can help you choose the best form of business to combine for multiple streams of income.

The Business Quadrants Combination Rules

business quadrant


Refer to the business quadrants illustration above. Do you still remember what each of the abbreviation stands for? If you don’t, go back and read my post Introducing Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory. By now you should know them.

Let us represent each of the quadrants with the following alphanumerical symbols Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 as illustrated above. Using Mathematical rule of combination, there are eleven possible outcome of combination. That is:

Q1 + Q2

Q1 + Q3

Q1 + Q4

Q2 + Q3

Q2 + Q4

Q3 + Q4

Q1 + Q2 + Q3

Q1 + Q2 + Q4

Q1 + Q3 + Q4

Q2 + Q3 + Q4

Q1 + Q2 + Q3 + Q4

What this mean is that there are eleven possible ways you can combine businesses across the business quadrants. Combining the wrong type of business can mean the difference between success and failure, freedom and slavery, comfort and stress, wealth and poverty, security and worry.

Now, take each of these combination one after another. Replace the alphanumerical symbols with the actual abbreviations of the quadrants.

In this chapter of the book, I give my own verdict under which condition such combination can be recommended. Readers are also encouraged to use discretion to evaluate each option to determine if it is right for them.

Apart from the combinations stated above, there are other possible combinations discussed in chapter five of the Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory book.

The Business Quadrants Secret Rule Of Wealth

The business quadrants secret rule of wealth is an extension of the business quadrants golden rule of wealth. The secret rule applies mostly if you want to combine two or more businesses.

In this chapter, you will learn how to apply the business quadrants secret rule of wealth when combining businesses.

Final Thoughts

Just look around, you will found that most wealthy people do not depend on one source of income. To create wealth, you must master the business quadrants combination rule for multiple streams of business income. You must learn to combine the best businesses based on your own unique circumstances and other factors.

If you can get the best business combination that maximize your strength and minimize your weaknesses, you will create wealth. Your focus should be on businesses that produce passive income and require minimal material participation.

Apply the business quadrants combination rules for multiple streams of income and create wealth for yourself. Who knows, you may also leave a legacy for your unborn generation.

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