Income Tutors Network Marketing Boothcamp in Lagos

Network Marketing Seminar in Lagos

The Network Marketing seminar for people who desire Financial Freedom and Passive Income is finally here.

The goal of this Network Marketing BoothCamp is to empower rookie and veteran MLM prospects to become better networkers and therefore position themselves to earn big checks from their company and build 7-figure passive income network marketing business.

If you follow in the exact same footsteps of highly successful people, you will become highly successful yourself.

Want to build a bigger MLM team so you can double, triple,or quadruple the size of your network marketing profit?

Then attend this Network Marketing seminar designed to help you identify the right network marketing company to work with, understand the value of leverage and residue income and train you to become an MLM leader.


Create Your Own Economy – Implementation Guilde On How To Build 7-Figure Network Marketing Business

Venue: Event Center, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos State

Date: Saturday September 2nd, 2017

Time: 11.00 AM to 2.30 PM

Free Session

Topic – Network Marketing In The Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory

Take Away: Attendees will learn how network marketing feature in all quarters of the Business Quadrants and how to busild successful network marketing business using the Business Quadrants Golden Rule of Wealth.

Duration: 15 minutes

Paid Session

Part 1 – 15 Must-Know Factors For Choosing The Best Network Marketing Company

Take Away: Attendees will learn what to consider before choosing an MLM company. I spent 6 months making this research and come to this important conclusion using my knowledge of the Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory.

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 2 – Unraveling The Myth Of Network Marketing Compensation Plan

Take Away: One of the most important yet least understood aspects of a network marketing opportunity is the compensation plan. Attendees will learn what to look for in a com plan based on their present circumstances if they desire to make it to the top.

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 3 – How To Draw Your Network Marketing Business Plan

Take Away: Business plan is as important to traditional business as well as network marketing Business. Attendees will learn how to prepare a network marketing business plan even before they start and build their goals around the business plan.

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 4 – How To Calculate Your Network Marketing Business Budget

Take Away: Aspiring entrepreneurs, no matter the industry or size of the business, create business budgets based on start-up and operating costs. Attendees will learn how to calculate their network marketing business budget using the Business Quadrants Golden Rule of Wealth Formula.

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 5 – Introduction To Social Recruiting For Network Marketers

Take Away: Most of the Nigeria network marketers I met are not using social recruiting and those attempting it do not have idea of how to do it the right way to get the best result possible. Attendees will learn the basics of using social media for recruiting a mass follower.

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 6 – Introduction To Digital Marketing Promotion For Company Products

Take Away: One of the obstacle to recruiting and making it to the top for network marketers in Nigeria is inability to sell company products.  Attendees will learn the basics of using digital marketing methods for selling their company products irrespective of the industry.

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 7 – How To Recruit and Develop Leaders In Your Team

Take Away: If you start recruiting deadbeats who are only looking to get rich quick, you’ll be doing more harm than good, hurting your business –and probably the entire MLM industry– more than you might think.  Attendees will learn top secrets on how to recruit and develop leaders in their team.

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 8 – How To Use Attraction Marketing To Create Mass Following

Take Away: Generating MLM leads with attraction marketing will be one of the best decision and investment you will ever made in network marketing business.  Attendees will learn waht attraction marketing is and how to use it to build a massive network marketing business.

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 9 – Personal Branding For Professional Network Marketers

Take Away: Too many people are involved with an MLM and they’re all doing the same thing as everyone else.  People get used to that and they tune it out. Attendees will learn how to stand out from the crowd through personal branding as a profesional network marketer.

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 10 – How To Sponsor People Globally Into Your Network Marketing Business

Take Away: Technology has turn the world into a global village.  Attendees will learn how to build a global network marketing business by sponsoring people around the globe.

Duration: 10 minutes

Bonus Session

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Who Should Attend?

This seminar is open to the general public. Specifically, Career Professionals, Bankers, Investors, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Sit-at-home mom, small business owners, teachers, civil servants, graduates, students SHOULD attend. Also, potential service partners such as Hotel owners, Event organizers, Travel agents, Courier operators, Spa and massage, Health care providers, Transport company, Beauty salon, Makeup artist, Fitness centers, Social media specialists, Bloggers, Media Personnel, Branding Agency, Print press owners, Food & restaurants owners, Retailers, Bookshop & Stationery owners, Real estate Agents, Fashion designers, Video producers, Freelancers, Motivational speakers and Marketers SHOULD attend.

How To Book

Free session is FREE for all who pre-register for this seminar. To pre-register, visit the Income Tutors Network Marketing Boothcamp Pre-registration Page.

Paid Session has some ticket variation. Please select the appropriate one below and make payment accordingly.

Ticket Options for Paid Session

  • Early Bird (1 ticket) – ₦2000
  • Early Bird (10 tickets) –  ₦15,000
  • Early Bird (50 tickets) – ₦50,000
  • VIP Early Bird (1 VIP ticket) – ₦10,000
  • Early Bird Pro (10 tickets + 1 VIP ticket) – ₦20,000
  • On the venue payment (1 ticket – no guarantee)

Make Payment to the account below:

Account Name: Jetro Olowle

First Bank: 3016295279

GT Bank: 0222516384

For more details, booking and sponsorship opportunity, fill the form below

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  1. Which of the session will you like to attend? Free SessionPaid SessionBoth
  2. Early Bird (1 ticket) - ₦2000Early Bird (10 tickets) - ₦15,000Early Bird (50 tickets) - ₦50,000VIP Early Bird (1 VIP ticket) - ₦10,000Early Bird Pro (10 tickets + 1 VIP ticket) - ₦20,000On the venue payment - ₦5,000 (1 ticket - no guarantee)
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