How To Generate MLM Leads With Attraction Marketing

Generate MLM Lead with Attraction Marketing

Generating MLM Leads with attraction marketing will be one of the best decision and investment you will ever made in network marketing business.

It is surprising how people think they will sit in the comfort of their homes and business will flourish like anything. It’s nothing but a myth that internet will do things on its own and you are only supposed to put up a website, a blog or start a social media account and the rest will be taken care of magically by Mr. Internet.

People who have made it big in the brick & mortar or web based business is because they believed in themselves, had a clear vision and mission and never gave up on their dreams. Moreover, they put enormous effort in advertising themselves and their businesses or services and didn’t leave any stone unturned in ensuring that they are seen and heard all the time by their prospects. That is why they are brands in their own way and lead a life fancied by millions.

Attraction marketing is all about you and how you position yourself in front of your prospects. Therefore, it is highly imperative to project yourself as someone who has ample knowledge and command over his niche and is considered as a business or value adding consultant rather than a sales person who only concentrates on closing a deal come what may.

How to use Attraction Marketing to Generate More MLM Leads


Attraction Marketing is all about attracting your business prospects towards you, instead of you chasing them. It is widely used in the internet world where network marketers and online marketers use different attraction marketing strategies and tools to position themselves as experts, build authority and leadership identity.

This helps build trust in the prospects eyes, as well as the desire to join forces with someone who can coach and mentor them to success in network marketing and ultimately financial and lifestyle freedom.  This ultimately will entice people and induce a sense of interest to buy the front-end info-products offered and/or join their primary business.

Personal Branding Is Key for MLM Leads

Personal branding plays a vital and integral role in attraction marketing, since by branding yourself as an expert and someone to follow by selling low priced info-products on the front-end that could be generic and highly useful to all types of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, sales professionals, advisors, mentors, and coaches.

Basically, anyone who you think would be an ideal candidate to join your business.  This front-end info-product could be about how to marketing their business or how to generate more leads.

This way you have a “catch-all” offering that attracts a larger amount of entrepreneurial prospects into your sales funnel and you can monetize more of the leads rather than just the 3% of leads that may join your primary business straight away.

If you don’t find a way to monetize the other 97% of leads you talk to then you are leaving potential thousands, if not, millions of dollars on the table.  This is what’s known as a marketing funnel and can allow you to get advertising for free, which is also commonly known in the attraction marketing circle as a “funded proposal.”

Know Your Strength and Niche

Everyone has a unique skill set and talent. You need to explore yours and be sure that this is your core competency which will lead you to attract prospects from all corners of the world. Let’s take an example of an HR professional who has an excellent track record and abundance of experience.

So, he has to harness his HR experience by positioning himself as a Talent Acquisition or Compensation & Benefits guru who can add value to his prospects and offer individual or company specific solutions.

That was just an example, but if you don’t have any specific knowledge or skillset that can relate to people in your target audience, i.e. people who would be the best candidates for your MLM/network marketing business, then I suggest you learn everything about sales and marketing so you can become the expert that people want to join.

Take action and put into practice what you learn, which could simply be sharing the things you learn by publishing your own blog posts, videos, audios and online programs.  This is a content marketing strategy that will lead to traffic/visitors to your business website.

Sharing knowledge, especially experiential knowledge will position you as an expert authority and Google will reward you with search engine rankings.

Identify the Problem and Target Audience

Taking the HR professional’s example further, you will have to do a research with regards to what people or company representatives want to know about talent acquisition or compensation and benefits.

Are they looking for a specific salary survey or they wish to carry out detailed leadership profiling of their middle tier; or else a young college graduate is looking for a professional resume designer?

When you know the problems and issues of your target audience, it becomes easier to provide solutions or rather tailor made solutions.

What Are Most Business Owners Looking For?

They’re looking for ways to reduce outgoing costs, increase revenue and/or generating new traffic, leads and sales.  Find out everything there is to know about that.  Most of which you will find on this blog .

Showcase High Quality Content

This is the step where you actually get to the details of what you are offering in terms of product or service. Depending on who is your target audience, you create a blog, video series, webinars etc. to address their problems and offer them solutions in exchange of their basic information including name and email address etc.

Promote your blog on your Facebook page, YouTube and Twitter account by giving some value and then a call-to-action so that people take notice and visit your page to learn more about the products and services being offered.

Offer Value and Gain Trust

Billion dollar businesses are not made in a day and take a lot of time and effort in reality.  In today’s cut-throat competitive era, it is vital to consistently and persistently offer value to your prospects above and beyond everyone else.

Offering something for free is the first step to gain trust of your prospects. For instance, if an aspiring professional wishes to give his resume a face-lift, you should have a ready and free solution for him available on your page.  That might be in the form of a step by step guide on how to correctly write a resume.

Make them realize that you are their “Consultant” rather than a sales guy who is only pushing for a sales deal. Gain their trust by offering free solutions and in no time, you will see prospects requesting access to premium information and products because you have gained their trust and offered them value.

Build Your List for Passive MLM Leads

People share their information with you once they trust you as someone who is really interested in solving their problems by offering high quality products or services. Having prospect wise information is the key to success as it enables you to get in touch with all of them, send them regular updates about new products and services and answer their queries.

Your list is your lifeline. Build it and let it grow at a consistent pace. However, don’t barge their mailboxes with unnecessary updates. Choose your email updates wisely so your prospects do not get offended or irritated which results in simply deleting the email or moving it to the junk folder.

Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Let the world know who you are as a brand. Never be absent from the social media and always reply to comments and participate in healthy discussions. Value each and every comment posted and take time to reply in a positive manner to gain respect and trust. Offer free advice, strengthen relationships and generate awareness about your products and services.

Have You Tried Funded Proposal?

Learn to use a funded proposal in the beginning of your marketing process.

What is a funded proposal?

This is when you offer a training, tool, software ect. that requires a small upfront investment. You charge people for a special thing that will help people solve their problems and you get paid for it too. A great example to put this into perspective is this…

Imagine buying home business or network marketing leads, dialing the phone and attempting to build a relationship right then and there to see if they are interested.

If they say NO to your offer, then you have lost everything. You have wasted your nickle.

BUT, on the other side, by leading with a tool, training, or solution in your mlm marketing campaigns, you can earn money without someone joining your primary multi level marketing business.

Do you see the power?

In addition to earn some extra cash you will be able to use that income to advertise more or start a new marketing method that you want to try out or master.

Final Thought

A time will come when people will reach you directly to ask for advice and services and that is the time you’ll be able to convert your efforts into financial gain.  So, what are you waiting for? What are your best attraction marketing strategies for generating MLM leads?

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