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One Month Network Marketing Leaders Training

If you are here, you must have received a special invitation and you are probably considering the option of a Home Business Opportunity. Congratulations you are on the right page.

A Little About Me

My name is Jetro Olowole. I live and work in Lagos. I work full time as a web designer and digital marketing director in my agency ( However part time is where my passion lies and I am an International Life Coach and Independent Distributor with Royale Business Club International where I help people set up a profitable home based business.

I wake up every morning with a smile because the days just keep getting better. I am passionate about life and enjoy meeting new people and doing the many things that life has to offer. I live life on my own term.

Travel is at the top of my list of passions, I plan on seeing the world! Having a positive attitude is contagious and that is one thing that I will always strive for on a daily basis. My time is my most valuable asset, as it is the only thing that I can’t replace. I spend my time with amazing people, great friends and colleagues who share the pursuit of great experiences.

I am avid student of Human Potential. I believe there is greatness in everyone. As human beings we have an abundance of dormant potential and an amazing ability to overcome obstacles to achieve great things. Once you connect to your higher purpose in life you begin to realize this potential and achieving your goals becomes second nature.

I am a creative person, finding my voice, daring to change the conventional, seeking wisdom and sharing my findings everyday. I love to inspire and mentor others to be, do and have more. Are you living the life of your dreams or just dreaming about the life you could have?

My Mission

To build the largest and strongest Associate Workforce in Nigeria by training and educating our Associates from all over the country to have basic understanding of how our system works and have them follow some simple steps, over a consistent period of time for financial freedom.

The Home Based Business Phenomenon

  • Home Based Business is a $427 Billion a year Industry
  • Almost 83% of people are exhausted with the daily grind of the Corporate rat race
  • According to The Success Factory International, “Nigeria is in the midst of  an extraordinary workplace transformation… the home based business   phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.“
  • There are more self-made millionaires created, both on and offline, in the Home Based Business industry than any other.
  • The use of Technology, the Internet, etc., allows home based businesses to work in concert with other entities without the need for daily face-to-face interaction
  • Over 60% of new businesses are now started from home – equal to over 1,400 new businesses each week.
  • Of all the Home Based Businesses available today, Network Marketing is the most  dominant Business Model
  • Network Marketing is a vibrant industry offering employment to over 43 million people worldwide with a turnover exceeding $75 billion in worldwide sales
  • Network marketing is taught at Harvard and Stanford business schools and in numerous other leading colleges and universities throughout the world

About The Company

I’m working with Royale Business Club International. Royale Business Club International Incorporated is a world-class institution, passionate and committed in uplifting the lives of people in providing them a profitable business opportunity and training them to be successful entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact we’ve had such tremendous success that we’re expanding our business into major cities in Nigeria. Watch the short video below to learn more about Royale Business Club International.

Video – Royale Who We Are

About The Business

Apart from world-class health, wellness and personal care products, Royale offers a one of a kind business opportunity that can literally change the course of your life and how you see the world.

If you are ready to take control of how you spend your time, if you are ready to be a leader who gets the job done and inspire others to do so as well and if you are ready to live your dreams in reality, then Royale business opportunity is for you.

Watch the video below to learn more about Royale Business Presentation. The video will let you understand the Business concept and compensation plan. I will discuss any question you have afterward.

Video – Royale Business Presentation

My Business Partnership Offer

Every month, I trained 6 people to setup a home business opportunity and duplicate their experience in others to impact their lives. For this month of March, I am looking for 6 serious people as business partners. The reason is because I only work with 6 people directly at a time.  These individuals will undergo a one month one-on-one training (physical or on phone) on how to use social media tools and other promotional tools to sponsor people into our business opportunity and duplicate the system. There will be a minimum income target of ₦45,200 from matching bonuses and referral bonus and 14 newly sponsored distributors in the one month of training.

The System

I just finished work on my system called TOTAL SUCCESS BUSINESS BUILDER PACK. It took me six months to put this system together by subscribing to many training courses, webinars, reading a total of 1000 articles, trial and error method using the system. This package comes fully with Videos, Excel Worksheet for action plans, Images, E-books, Online resources for recruitment, business and products promotional tools. When fully launched, I am pricing this package at ₦20,000.

But as a direct partner with me (if you get selected), you get the opportunity to try it for FREE provided you don’t share it with others unless permitted to do so.

The Training Model

Week 1 – LEARN how to use the TOTAL SUCCESS BUSINESS BUILDER PACK system, organize yourself and draw out the plan. Attend Royale Business Presentation if possible at Royale office.

Week 2 – Learn to SPONSOR two people using our system. At this level, you should earn ₦10,400 from your 2 sponsored persons.

Week 3 – Learn to TEACH your two people how to Sponsor two people each using our system. At this 2nd level, you should earn ₦11,600 from the four sponsored persons by your direct referrals.

Week 4 – TEACH your two people HOW TO TEACH those four to sponsor two people each.  At this 3rd level, you should earn ₦23,200 from the eight sponsored persons by your indirect referrals.

In total, at the end of the training, you should have earned a minimum of ₦45,200. When you successfully complete this business model, you should take on new challenges working with four people at a time.

One Month Network Marketing Leaders Training


Like I have said, I am not looking to work with everybody. Someone who is WILLING to learn and TEACH others what they have learnt. I am looking for a match for my company and system and someone who is looking for opportunity that matches their future. Someone who will be a great fit for us and our company will be a great fit for them. Specifically, you must have the following.

  1. You should be willing to do the 5 Daily Production Actions Network marketers Must Take.
  2. Have a PC or a Smartphone and know how to operate it.
  3. Be ready to be a business leader and learn what it takes.
  4. I am looking for 5 traits in the people to be considered as partner. Namely VERY Visible, Likes Attention, Ambitious, Uses Multiple media Channels to communicate and Dreamer.

If you think you have all these and what it take to be a partner, fill the form below and I will get back to you on what is required for you to get started.

The Partnership Application Form

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Additional Info
  1. When do you think you will be ready for this program? NowAs soon as possibleA Week timeA Month time
  2. Will you be able to attend a business presentation in our office in Lagos? YesNo
  3. If yes to the question above, check the day(s) that will be more convenient to you. MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
  4. Check the time that is most convenient for you to attend the event. 11.00AM1.00PM3.00PM

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