Bankers Preventive Healthcare Investment Workshop

The Bankers Preventive Healthcare Investment Workshop is designed for bankers or financial workers to tackle oxidative stress & work related health hazards. It’s a two-edge sword investment on health and wealth that can yield millions in return.

The BPHI is systematically design as a health diagnosis and chronic diseases prevention program for bankers while providing an insurance platform for free wellness products and emergency medical costs.

The Bankers Preventive Healthcare Investment is a referral based health insurance program design to secure bankers healthcare financial needs. It is expected to yield at least 913% return on investment after 6 months or registration. For instance, if you invest ₦40,000 you are expected to earn at least ₦365,400 after 6 months which is expected to run into millions in your first year.

The monthly bonus and incentives will henceforth be used for preventive healthcare and emergency medical bills and set you on a rewarding health and financial insurance plan.

The Need For Bankers Preventive Healthcare Investment 

Lengthy work days and a high-stress environment can take a toll on the bankers’ psychological and physiological health. A recent study by the University of Southern California has linked long work hours to depression, and banking is one of the high-stress professions that might put the health of its professionals at greater risk of being compromised.

As a banker, unless you are good at avoiding work, you’ll sit 16 hours a day in front of your computer, and the only exercise you will get will be performing super-fast excel shortcuts, going to the printing room to get pitchbooks, and fetching 200 calories lattes at Shoprite. Combined with the lack of sleep (a direct cause of weight gain) and the fact that with your big dinner allowance you feel compelled to eat as much junk food as you can for dinner, weight gain is inevitable.

Most bankers will develop chronic health conditions like Thyroid disorders, Cohn’s disease, Psoriasis, rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney and Heart disorders. Bankers are at higher risk of burn-outs and mental health problems due to the stress and volatility of the profession. Many bankers neglect their health for lengthy periods of time, a lot in their 30s are addicted to prescription drugs, and an alarmingly increasing number are prone to bouts of depression, chronic fatigue and diabetes.

Quite a number at entry-level develop stress-related physical or psychological ailments within several years on the job. Under the immense stress of their jobs, many suffer personal and emotional problems that escalate into full-blown health crises, with a quite a number developing diseases that remain long after they have left the profession.

The objective of this program is to provide FREE preventive healthcare while you are working with regular diagnosis and nutritional supplements. This will help you to prevent chronic diseases associated with bank workplace health hazard. Also, you will continue to receive financial incentive into your retirement year to cover medical expenses and have enough to travel around for optimal health.

Who Is Bankers Preventive Healthcare Investment For?

This program is for bankers and those working in financial institutions who are willing to invest at least of ₦40,000.00 for their health. For the program to continue to pay for your preventive healthcare cost, you must refer 2 persons (offline or online) who can invest same amount for preventive healthcare and retirement plan financial investment. In 6 months’ time, you should earn enough to cover your health and medical expenses, including that of your family. That is, you will not have to spend from your salary on healthcare.

Below is a breakdown of what you can earn after six months of registration.

Month No of Referrals Earnings (₦)
1st 2 5,800
2nd Nil 11,600
3rd Nil 23,200
4th Nil 46,400
5th Nil 92,800
6th Nil 185,600

In the illustration above, we assume you only invite 2 persons in the first month of the 6 months under review. However, for every other person you refer after the first 2, you get additional bonus of at least ₦2300 depending on the package of the referral.

NOTE: You cannot refer more than two persons directly under yourself. Every other referral must be placed under your downline to earn more from the system.

Request A Proposal For BPHI

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